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A strong scientific understanding, along with an eye for telling a complex story, allows VisuaLex to create simple tutorials explaining basic concepts underlying most pharma cases. VisuaLex Consultants have vast experience in clearly illustrating the structure and properties of active drug molecules and excipients, formulation options, blood plasma profiles, routes of administration, dosing options, mechanisms of action within the body, safety and toxicity data, manufacturing processes, information available to a POSA, etc. If you have an ANDA case or jury trial, Markman hearing/tutorial, mediation, arbitration or SJ Motion, retaining VisuaLex will get you one step closer to educating your audience clearly, concisely and strategically about the technology at issue in your case. As a result of over 28 years of Pharma work, we have amassed a voluminous library of images ranging from medical devices (such as stents and trocars) to organic chemistry (molecules, salts, pH and crystallization), biotech (recombinant antibodies, the cells of the immune system) and beyond. Providing solid baseline knowledge of complex concepts is critical to helping your audience understand and evaluate the evidence in your case. VisuaLex brings a unique perspective to the trial prep process and provides value by helping trial teams to present novel information in a simple and engaging manner.


The world of hardware and software is rapidly changing and involves very complex concepts and processes that can be intimidating to your audience. Explaining technologies such as DVD compression, 3-D graphics rendering, LED displays, flash memory, internet security and advertising, HTML code, and semiconductor manufacturing, to name a few, in a trial setting can be a daunting task for trial teams. Comprehension becomes challenging as the trier-of-fact is bombarded with many novel and complicated concepts. Clear tutorials explaining the technology at issue combat human coping strategies that undermine successful communication of key case themes. VisuaLex Consultants excel at getting up to speed on the most complex case information quickly so they can assist in transforming important case information into strategic visual communication.


The basic concepts underlying antitrust cases are foreign to most laypeople. Simple tutorials explaining key issues such as relevant market, market power, monopoly power, competition, price-fixing, etc. are critical to helping jurors understand and evaluate the evidence in your case. Providing a visual framework that helps the trier-of-fact know where certain facts and data fit within the context of your overall case strategy goes a long way in helping a trial team successfully tell their story. VisuaLex Consultants can help you identify key case themes and recommend how to present novel and complex information in a way that doesn’t intimidate your audience.


Contract disputes can encompass large amounts of past and projected data, the majority of which is subject to interpretation. Graphics that clearly highlight and explain key sections of controlling agreements are the foundation of a compelling visual strategy. VisuaLex Consultants will also aid the trial team in crafting supporting demonstratives that clearly demonstrate how obligations outlined in the contracts have been met, or on the flip side, breached. Strategically organizing case information in a succinct and visual way helps define case goals and provides the trier-of-fact with a path toward the desired end result.


Litigation involving alleged defects in products that result in accidents, faulty or unsafe conditions, injuries and sometimes death, are some of the most difficult cases to defend since they often involve human emotion and compassion. On the flip side, if you are the Plaintiff, you want to take advantage of every opportunity to pull on the heartstrings of your audience. These are truly the matters in which a picture is worth a thousand words. VisuaLex can help the trier-of-fact visualize the conditions, environments and situations that led to a catastrophic event through the use of 2-D and 3-D models, static illustrations, a series of building graphics or physical models. Our Consultants are adept at identifying the key facts of the matter and aiding the trial team in visually depicting the evidence in the most compelling manner possible. Whether you are a Plaintiff or Defendant, VisuaLex can help you tell your story effectively.


Insurance is something we all have experience with so you may think coverage cases have less of a need for visuals. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, the concepts underlying highly sophisticated insurance cases are almost always too complex to follow without some form of visual guidance. These cases also present the added hurdles of overcoming your audience’s pre-existing attitudes and beliefs about insurance companies and how insurance works. Graphics explaining key clauses in insurance policies, visual depictions of coverages versus exclusions, tutorials on the placement of layered insurance programs, the relationship between assumption of risk and premiums, clarification of the intent of the parties and identification of the events that can trigger the policies at issue, are some of the concepts critical to understanding the total picture. VisuaLex Consultants have a wealth of experience in communicating this complex, and often dry information, in a simple, clear and effective manner.


Show me the money! We have helped many trial teams develop presentations that aid the trier-of-fact follow the flow of money through complex transactions, as well as explain sophisticated financial instruments. VisuaLex Consultants are well versed in depicting your raw data in the best strategic manner possible. The use of building flow charts that break down transactions into small, easily assimilated steps; development of icons and color-coding to identify various Parties to a transaction and their responsibilities; and plotting historic and projected financial data in ways that clearly highlight the desired takeaway, are only a few of the tools VisuaLex can bring to the table on your next matter.


The same basic questions underlie all Trade Secrets cases. Does the information rise to the level of a trade secret? Was it marked confidential? Were appropriate steps taken to protect it? Does the information have independent economic value? Was it misappropriated, and, if so, did that directly cause money damages? Whether you are a Plaintiff or Defendant in a trade secrets matter, visuals can help trial teams communicate their clients’ answers to these questions in a clear, simple and appealing manner. VisuaLex Consultants can help you hone in on key themes and reinforce desired takeaways through the development of a strategic, integrated visual presentation of case evidence.