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The visual element of your case is a dynamic part of your litigation strategy. It directly engages the trier-of-fact, links testimony with images, and facilitates recollection of facts and issues during deliberation.


Visual Strategy and Project Management

After reviewing pertinent background information, our experienced consultants will provide recommendations for an integrated, strategic visual presentation. Our goal is to devise innovative ways to buttress case weaknesses and reinforce case strengths in an effective and aesthetically pleasing manner.

The successful completion of any job is the result of efficient planning and project management. This “hidden value” is part of every assignment, and can be found in our attention to detail, awareness of time limitations and quick response to changing situations.

From graphics production to trial presentation, VisuaLex consultants work closely with your trial team to assess, anticipate and fulfill your needs.


Animated Visuals

Arguments that involve elements of time, movement or space, benefit from animations that develop those concepts in a comprehensive manner. Such issues can arise in cases ranging from personal injury to patent infringement.



Research has shown that visuals increase retention over the spoken word alone. At VisuaLex, our goal is to “communicate by design.” Each layout is created to showcase your specific case information more effectively than through oral argument alone.

Multimedia Presentations

Multimedia presentations integrate static boards, electronic displays, video and animation seamlessly in order to create a comprehensive presentation. VisuaLex has programmers and designers on staff full time that can create interactive demonstratives and tutorials.

Exhibit Boards

Exhibit boards, also known as trial boards, range in size and shape, and are often used to complement electronic presentations. They are also used in smaller proceedings where projected images and a trial database may not be warranted.


Interactive exhibits allow the display of multidimensional data sets that involve timelines, graphs, video or animation. At the click of a mouse, layered data can be revealed as needed, without limitations or the need to locate additional exhibits, graphics or data.


Scanning, Barcoding and Trial Presentation Databases

Scanning documents and programming trial databases have become essential elements in complex litigation. When a document is scanned, a digital image of the page is created and added to the trial presentation database. This process permits storage and transportation of thousands of pages on a single CD or DVD, quick duplication of documents and immediate retrieval of barcoded pages at trial.


In addition to filing paper copies, a growing number of courts are allowing, and often requesting, submission of the materials in the form of a hyperlinked e-brief. E-briefs, housed on a single CD-ROM, eliminate the need to wade through the thousands of pages of supporting materials frequently associated with trial and appellate briefs.



During the digitizing process, content is transferred at the highest quality to be viewed on any computer. Copies are then saved on CDs, DVDs, or drives and easily sent to members of the trial team and relevant experts. Through use of pre-edited clips, the trial team does not have to worry about faulty equipment or queue points. Instead our trial technicians load the clips into our presentation software and can display them on screen at any time.

Deposition Text Synchronization

Digitized videotaped depositions can be linked to the court reporter’s electronic transcript to facilitate editing and viewing of predetermined clips. While most of the segments are clipped prior to the trial, our technicians also have the ability to clip specific portions of video “on the fly,” affording trial teams the ultimate flexibility in responding to unexpected trial events and testimony.


Courtroom Technicians

The courtroom technician coordinates the visual elements that will be used in the proceedings. Through use of trial presentation software, including a database of scanned and barcoded trial exhibits, the courtroom technician has access to all relevant documents, graphics, animation and video.

Warroom Technicians

Warroom technicians complement the activities of the courtroom technician. Warroom technicians can scan additional documents on-site, add/fine tune video deposition clips, create document call-outs, receive graphics via the internet and prepare witness binders that contain barcoded copies of the evidence to be displayed. While court is in session, the warroom technician can work with attorneys preparing upcoming witnesses.

Equipment Rental

All supportive technology can be sourced, set-up, tested and run by trained VisuaLex professionals. We take care of all aspects of displaying your evidence seamlessly, so the trial team can stay focused on their goals.