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Our Story

Since entering the field in the late 1980s, we have experienced many changes in technology, service offerings and the marketplace itself.

In the early days, we serviced our clients without the luxuries of e-mail, the internet and laptops loaded with multiple gigabytes of storage space. We survived pantone film, foam core boards, laser discs, floppy discs and thermal paper fax machines.

However, with all of the change we have embraced over the years, our passion for quality work, impeccable service and zero tolerance for error has never wavered. In fact, our refusal to compromise our philosophy, design principles and the quality of our deliverables was the driving force behind our decision to establish VisuaLex.

From design to presentation, every aspect of the process is directed toward a cohesive and effective communication of our client’s message.
We work closely with trial team members and experts to fully grasp the fundamental aspects of our client’s case, define the visual elements that compliment those issues, and ensure that all evidence is accurately described. The result is more than a set of individual images: it is a visual strategy that not only educates, but persuades.

The success of VisuaLex is a testament to our belief that our clients are sophisticated consumers. The caliber of the trial teams with whom we work demands that we produce a work product worthy of their litigation acumen. We have consistently risen to this challenge over the years. The fact that the vast majority of clients who called upon us for assistance 25 years ago still call us for their litigation support needs today is further proof that the VisuaLex philosophy is valid and continues to fill the needs of a discerning litigation consulting market.

– Lillian Romano, President of VisuaLex, LLC

About Us

Visualex, LLC was founded in August 2000. Since then, Visualex has consistently collaborated with a multitude of preeminent law firms around the country on hundreds of large-scale civil and criminal matters.