Welcome Anna,

Thank you for taking the time to review our work. We reach out to you with regard to your upcoming  A. Nelson v. Seagate Technology LLC case. IP litigation dealing with computer hardware is a focus area here at Visualex. We have been retained on several technology cases including matters involving Gigastorage, Philips, Fuji, PNY, Samsung, Matsushita, Qimonda, and DA Nanomaterials. We have also assisted on many complex class actions, such as Diet Drug and the Tobacco AG litigation, and several large antitrust matters on behalf of ATP Tennis Tour and Visa. Our experience on these and other related matters give us a broad understanding of the type of subject matter at issue in your case. In addition, we have worked with several of your colleagues in the Los Angeles office on the CRT antitrust case. Feel free to reach out to Jim McGinnis, Dylan Ballard and Nady Nikonova in your San Francisco office to discuss their experience with VisuaLex. We feel we bring value to an engagement through our ability to marry the aesthetics of design with an understanding of human learning theory, resulting in the development of a strategic visual framework for your case issues.

Please contact me if you have questions or would like to arrange a consultation.

-Nate Mulliken
  Litigation Graphics Consultant

Below are some relevant presentations, they are not complete and contain only select slides. In some cases information is made generic for privacy purposes.

We also have in-house animation and video capabilities. Whether you need a narrated tutorial, 2D or 3D animation, or a combination of both to help tell your story, we can assist. Click on the images below to see some examples of the possibilities. In some of these examples editing and speed have been changed to allow for a brief overview.