Hello Louis,
Following are samples from prior cases that showcase both 2D and 3D animation with varying levels of sophistication. We also included static images so you can get a feel for how we combine various types of graphics to create an integrated, strategic visual presentation of key case evidence and themes.

01 - Power Plant

A construction defect case that contains 2D animations of various systems at a power plant. We also incorporated an existing client video and photos into the presentation.

02 - Citgo

An insurance coverage case that showcases the use of icons to reinforce graphic takeaways. This also contains a simple PowerPoint animation. 

03 - Songdo Construction Sequence

Combination of a timeline and a 3D animation to explain the various phases of construction for the foundation of a reclaimed land site in Korea.

04 - One Place Condominium

A construction delay case. Highlights the use of timelines to convey "as planned" versus "as built" construction schedules. Also contains animations that compare original plan of construction to actual construction.

05 - Reliastar

Breach of contract case that involved construction of a building on a site containing a pond that was previously used as a dump. This was an interactive presentation allowing the attorney to click on buttons to display various information related to the site. Following is a brief click-through example of the experience.

06 - AIC 

Strategically combining 2D and 3D animation can keep costs in check while still communicating key case concepts effectively.

07 - Richards Injection Molding

Theft of trade secrets case that showcases full-blown 3D capabilities. We modeled the injection mold machine and the manufactured products based on video footage and detailed manufacturing drawings.

08 - Hyko Key

A patent case demonstrating how you can bring line drawings to life by transitioning to 3D models. This technique is very effective because it authenticates the accuracy of the 3D model and also helps the trier-of-fact comprehend and evaluate the information contained in complex drawings.



09 - Trans-Hudson Tunnel

Project overview animation for the Trans-Hudson Tunnel connecting Manhattan with New Jersey, with call-out graphics for locations along the proposed line where there are key issues.